Accelerated Big Data Applications

Most applications will get an immediate speed-up with no code change. NumaQ will ship with optimized big data infrastructure applications and analytics frameworks  such as R, MariaDB,  and Apache Spark with more to come.

NumaQ accelerated applications

Simplify Big Data Analytics

Clusters have grown from TENS to HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of nodes. NumaQ simplifies Big Data Analytics infrastructure with large shared memory clusters for high performance in-memory analytics and databases.
Simplify cluster management

Terascale In-memory Analytics

Consolidate 32 Linux server instances into ONE instance of running Linux OS. Achieve 10x price-performance ratio when compared to traditional SMP servers for big in-memory analytics workloads.
Consolidate 100s of linux OS into ONE

Cluster Priced, SMP Power.

NumaQ provides price-performance of Linux HPC Clusters and simplicity of SMP server. Non-cluster aware applications runs as-is, no porting required. No MPI. No map-reduce. Lots of cores working on a single shared memory system.
Price like HPC Cluster, Power of SMP

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